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    Why are hotels offering Hammer-Weeks? Are they real?

    Yes, they are 100% real. Hotels & Resorts don't like empty rooms, so the smarter ones offering some of them for a special price to attract customers.
  • Can I change the date from a Hammer-Week?
    We can check for you, but the chances are very slim!
  • Can I cancel a Hammer-Week booking?
    No. These are special offers and pre-paid. They can't be changed or cancelled. However, we'll try (for a small fee) to sell it to another customer.
  • Can we pay for the hammer week when we check in at the hotel?
    No. Hammer-Weeks need to be paid upfront. Otherwise we can't issue the voucher for you. It would not be fair, if some people book them and later not show up, as other customers couldn't get it.
  • Are Hammer-Weeks always seven (7) nights?
    No. They can be less as well. You can see on the listing how many nights and for how people the offer is valid.
  • Can we extend the stay for another 2 nights?
    In many cases you can, but maybe for a different price. We need to check that with the hotel in every single case
  • Why should I use the Hotel-Compare service?
  • Do you want to save money when you're travelling? This website from our partner compares the prices of the most important booking sites and show you the different prices. You decide where you want to book and initiate the booking right there with one click
  • I want to rent a condo or a house. Can you help?
    YES - We can! What area are you looking at? What's your budget, when do you want to move in and for how long?

Our Principles

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    We take every request very serious and try to offer you always the best price for the best available Hotel or Resort.
    Customers first!
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    Many times we get many requests for the same hotel or resort. We are handling them strictly on the "First In - First Serve" base.
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    Hammer-Weeks are fixed bookings. However, we'll try to sell the booking for you to another customer, if needed.