Hammer - Weeks

Hammer-Weeks from many Countries around the world.

We're offering special offers from hotels and resorts from "all over the world". These are last minute bookings (up to eight weeks in advance) and are just great offers for our customers. All these hotels don't like to leave rooms empty, they're offering them to our customers for a fraction of the normal price! Why pay more? You can book as many as you like.

Hammer-Weeks are strictly based on availability! First come - First serve!

Please accept the nature of these offers like a market. Limited number of rooms available, therefore please send us your request.
To inquire available offers, please send email! Please inform us the requested travel dates, how many people and the Country / Area. We'll send you the actual listing of the day with all availabilities.
Hammer-weeks are strictly pre-paid and non-refundable offers. The offer can be for two up to seven nights! 

Our Principles

  • 1
    We take every request very serious and try to offer you always the best price for the best available Hotel or Resort.
    Customers first!
  • 2
    Many times we get many requests for the same hotel or resort. We are handling them strictly on the "First In - First Serve" base.
  • 3
    Hammer-Weeks are fixed bookings. However, we'll try to sell the booking for you to another customer, if needed.
New availabilities are added every day!

What We Offer

We want to make your holiday the most remarkable time ever!

Please send your request as early as possible (even most of the offers are only know up to eight weeks in advance). Please send for your request the best time, how many people you're travelling with, Country and area.
Very important: Please keep in mind: First come - first serve. All offers are strictly based on availability and fully pre-paid!

No hidden costs, No surprises - simply great vacation starting USD99 for a week!

Available Countries:

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Canada  , America & Caribbean
  • Thailand
  • Europe, Cyprus, UK  
  • Indonesia,  Philippines, Malaysia
  • South America, Mexico
  • China 
  • Egypt
  • India


Thank you very much for that booking. The best hotel and great service from you guys!. Before I paid much more for less quality!

Thailand-tourist for many years.